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Tiger LLC

We are an experienced consulting company working in the oil and gas business focusing on the blending sector.

We do Gasoline, Diesel, Bunker, Biofuels, Crude, Bio-Ethanol, Bio-Methanol, Hydrogen, Ammonia, RNG and Butane Blending.

We do blending feasibility studies, blending projects; we advise which blend components to buy to make feasible and profitable recipes. We analyze your physical and recipe giveaway. We design custom algorithms and models. We do Business development analysis, we analyze possible investments and we help companies to create new bio-fuels desks.

Blend Tiger was founded with top blending engineers with over 15 years of experience. We have worked on over 500 projects with many companies Worldwide.



Blending Advice
Blending Feasibility Studies
Business Development
Blending Solutions
Low Carbon Fuel Standard Projects
Bio-fuel Investment Analysis

Blending Lives Here!!

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