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Bunker Fuel Oil Blending


to make VLSFO?

Are you ready to make VLSFO (Very-low-sulfur-fuel-oil)?

Blend Tiger is a leader in the bunker business. We helped several companies to set a bunker blending business in the Gulf Coast are and in Eu.

We can help you to find the best blend components to make VLSFO or any other bunker to meet the ISO8217-2017. 

Are you straggling to find suitable low sulfur blend components with the right viscosity? We are here to help you. One of the biggest challenges with the VLSO is the lack of low sulfur blend components and viscosity. Most of the VLSFO around the World have a viscosity ranging from 30-90 Cst, very different from IFO380. This brings problems like low lubricity and possible earlier ignitions that can ruin your engine.

Are you taking into account also important specs not mentioned in the ISO8217-2017? For example the asphaltenes?

We have preparatory equations and models that will help you to select the right blend components to meet the specs and to avoid issues with the engine.

We will check the most important parameters for bunkers, i.e. compatibility and stability. You can make a profitable bunker but if it is unstable, you will have sludge in the engine. We are here to prevent that.

Please read my article published on Ship&Bunker where I discussed the VLSO issues: click here

Blend Tiger will also help you in estimating blend component prices with advanced models.

We are here to help you!!!! Please send us an-email

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Avoid Sludge in the engine

We make

stable recipes

Most of the bunker blend properties are non-linear and it is important to take this into account. Blend Tiger is a pioneer in the property correlations and we will help you to make stable and compatible bunker.

Ask the experts to help you in the selections.