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Butane Blending


the best component

In recent years with the boom of the shale crude, containing an enormous amount of naphtha, the use of butane increased.

Usually, refineries or terminals are used to blend butane mainly during the winter to take advantage of the winter specs with high RVP; but recently even during the summer you still have “room” to blend butane together with naphtha.

Butane is an excellent component because of high RVP and ON and its relatively cheap price.

Blend Tiger is a leader in butanization projects, where you can blend on top of finished gasoline, some butane, and naphtha to increase volume and make a profit. This seems easy but it is not, because of the highly non-linear properties. Blend Tiger has propriatory models to help you through the process.

We analyze your data and build custom model predictions.

Let’ start blending butane.

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Butane Blending

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