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Crude Blending


the Experts

Crude blending is considered the Holy Gral. It is a great opportunity to make money and Blend Tiger is a leader in helping companies with this.

We have been building custom software for years, helping our customers to buy the right crude slates meeting all the requirements (yield).

Our software has more than hundreds of points, that help to decide which crude to buy to meet your needs.

You can have as many crudes as you want, with a simple click you will know exactly what to blend, how to blend, the prices, and also if the final product will be stable or not. We have preparatory equations that take into account the nonlinearity of the properties of the crude.

If you are not sure which crude to buy, or if you have issues in predicting the crude slates results. Blend Tiger is here to help you.

Oil refinery tower, wide-angle
Crude Blending Optimizer

Find the right slate

meeting the final yields

With out software you can pick the best slate out of 20 crudes. The final slate will be satisfying the selected yield (gasoline, distillates…) while meeting all the non-linear properties.

Ask the experts to help you in the selections.