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Diesel Blending

Diesel and Biodiesel

the new frontier

Diesel consumption is growing exponentially in the EU and Asia. The especially new way of producing it is to decrease emissions and increase energy density.

Blend Tiger is involved in helping many customers in blending new diesel with other blend components to be compliant and meet specs, whether ASTM or EN.

We have preparatory models to predict highly non-linear behavior and to predict also blend component prices.

Because green is always good, Blend Tiger will help you to blend new biodiesel or vegetable oils to avoid any potential issues caused by these “fragile” blend components.

Are you struggling with poor point or flash point calculation and or prediction? Issues with Cetane Index or with additive? Blend Tiger is here to help you with these issues. 

Please, send us an e-mail to learn more.

Mechanic Repair Semi Truck Diesel Engine
Diesel Specs

Wherever you are

We know what to blend

Wherever you are located, Blend Tiger will help you to meet your local specs and to make a feasible and sellable diesel.

Ask the experts to help you in the selections.