Gasoline Blending


the Experts

Blend tiger will help you with your gasoline blending. From analyzing the recipe giveaway, physical giveaway, the number of grades that you are making with and without any oxygenates and we help you to estimate precisely the ON, RVP, TVL giveaway and more.

We look you tank inventory to understand the life of a tank and we optimize the tanks usage.

Are you making feasible and profitable recipes? We analyze your data and with our proprietory models we will help you to make sellable batches that meet all the specs and the inventory constraints.

You don’t know which blend component yo buy? We are here to help you to buy or sell the best blend components that fit your recipes.

You got a good deal for a butane or an alkylate? The price is not only the main important aspect to look at, but you need to calculate the blendability. Maybe you got a good deal but you can’t make sellable gasoline because lousy specs. Ask Blend Tiger to help to do that for you.

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We Find


We help you to find the best blend components to meet your desired specs. Because blending is not only prices but also properties. In gasoline blending we need to meet simultaneously over 30+ specs and most of the key properties (ON, RVP) are NON LINEAR.

Ask the experts to help you in the selections.