Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Fuel

The future of alternative fuels

Clean hydrogen and related technologies will play a key role in decarbonizing many sectors. The path is long but governments, institutions, private and public sectors, are moving in the right direction to make this a reality in the upcoming years.

The technology which produces green hydrogen is still expensive and not sophisticated enough but it is expected to reach a full potential by 2040. At this time, we will see more incentives and an increase in the adoption of hydrogen. There are several reasons why hydrogen is already becoming a reality rather than just a science fiction idea. 

Hydrogen is very versatile and it will be used as a fuel or for power generation.

Blend Tiger together with Dr. Curcio are working constantly to assure a smooth energy transition for the fuel sector. While Hydrogen has many barriers to overcome, it still shows great potential.

We can help you to explore the new American IRA bill made ad hoc for hydrogen. We can help you to understand how to get the credits, overviewing different sections of the bill.

We can also help you with business development and technology analysis to make sure you take full advantage of new hydrogen tehcnologies.

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Energy and fuel with hydrogen emissions.