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Low Carbon Gasoline

We analyze the recipe giveaway, the physical giveaway and important properties such as ON, RVP and we understand how much money you are leaving on the table. We make custom recipes to meet any specs and to have a profit.


Are you straggling to meet the new 0.5%wt sulfur spec? We help you to make a stable and compatible bunker to meet all the ISO8217-2017 specs and to avoid any problems on the engines. We have proprietary models.

Low Carbon Diesel

Diesel and Biodiesel is growing exponentially in EU and Africa. With knew way of producing diesel, we can help you to make right recipes meeting the local specs and have a greener fuel.


We help you to navigate with the complicated World of carbon removal. From carbon capture and storage, utilization and Direct air capture. We help you also calculating and offsetting your emissions.


Blending ethanol is very important to meet RVO but also to take advantages of its great properties. We analyze your data and we build custom models to take into account the ethanol boost. There are strong non-linear behavior so trust us and our models.


What kind of technology are you using to produce SAF? Are you optimizing your SAF blends? Are you Offsetting emissions through the CORSIA voluntary market?


We are working to get greener fuels. We can help with Biodiesel and or Renewable Diesel (HVO) from 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation biomasses. Those can be used pure or blended with current petrol based fuels.


Bio-Methanol is considered to be the next "crude oil" for its versatility. It can be use in all the existing engines and it can be blended with gasoline, diesel and bunker. It also can be used to produce Hydrogen and or NH3.

Hydrogen & Ammonia

Hydrogen and Ammonia will be the future of the fuel industry. Those are long term investments and it is now the right moment to make that investment to create the infrastructures and technology for the future.

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