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Urban Sustainability: Strategies for a Greener Future

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Eliseo Curcio

Clean Fuel Expert

Dr. Eliseo Curcio is a distinguished Chemical Engineer and Executive with over a decade of experience in leading global projects focused on sustainable energy solutions and urban sustainability. His work emphasizes the development and optimization of bio-refineries and renewable energy sources. Dr. Curcio's expertise extends to complex sustainability and decarbonization projects,







What people are saying
Dr. Eliseo Curcio's "Urban Sustainability: Strategies for a Greener Future" is acclaimed for its practical insights into creating sustainable cities. Readers praise its comprehensive approach to renewable energy, green building, and sustainable transportation. The book's engaging style and real-world case studies make it an invaluable resource for urban planners, architects, and sustainability professionals.
Amber Mueller
Sustainability Consultant
Urban Sustainability is praised for its insightful approach to sustainable city planning, focusing on renewable energy, green building, and community engagement.
Rafael Stokes
Chief Sustainable Officer
Urban Sustainability, is celebrated for its clear guidance on sustainable urban development, highlighting renewable energy, green building practices, and sustainable transportation.
Chelsea Turner
Renewable Expert
Dr. Eliseo Curcio's book receives praise for its in-depth exploration of sustainable urban planning, offering practical insights on renewable energy, green infrastructure, and community-focused development.
Joseph Reinger
Lead Research
Eliseo Curcio's book is praised for its comprehensive take on sustainable urban development, emphasizing renewable energy, innovative green building, and community-driven solution
Priscilla Jacobson
Principal Engineer