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We provide the latest news, regulations, policies, technolgies and more in the carbon industry.


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With over 15 years of experience in the energy and low carbon industry, we provide high quality information. We collaborate with Top Universities and Industries to provide high reliable information.

What do you get?

Technology Assessment
Insight in the Marine Industry
Insight in the Aviation Industry
Insight in the Automotive Industry
Insight to Reduce CO2 Emissions
Policies and Regulations: RINs-LCFS-IRA...

We are #1 in the Industry

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Weekly Insigths

Every week you will get, news and information about low-carbon trends, technologies, regulations and advice from our team. Every month you will get a full publication with in-depth analysis.

ESG concept of environmental. ESG or environmental social governance.
High-Reliable News

We provide with details information in pdf or ppt just for you. All the provided information comes from hours of work and collaboration with Top Universities.

#1 in the Industry

Yes, you can find hundreads of spot prices for different commodities, but none of them gives you an understadning of what is happening. We are here to close that gap. It is important with the current speed of the market to keep up to date with tehcnologies, trends, projects, regulations to help your company.

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