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The Future of Transportation: A Guide to Low Carbon Fuel Standards

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The Future of Transportation

Understanding Policies and Regulations on Fuels and Alternative Fuels

"The Future of Transportation: A Guide to Low Carbon Fuel Standards" explores the transition to low-carbon transportation through innovative fuel standards. This book focuses on reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector by promoting the use of renewable and alternative fuels. It targets professionals, scientists, and policymakers, detailing the mechanisms of low-carbon fuel standards, including Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) .

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Overall, the guide emphasizes the importance of LCFS in promoting cleaner transportation practices and creating a more sustainable future. It outlines the regulatory mechanisms, compliance strategies, and incentives that drive the transition to a low-carbon transportation system, highlighting the roles of scientists, professionals, and lawmakers in shaping and implementing LCFS policies.

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RFS program and RINs
EV and Carbon reduction plans
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Table of Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to Low Carbon Fuel Standards

Chapter 2: Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Chapter 3: Comparing Renewable Fuel Standard and Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Chapter 4: Biofuel Production

Chapter 5: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Chapter 6: Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Chapter 7: Carbon Intensity Reduction Strategies

Chapter 8: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incentives

Chapter 9: Clean Transportation Policies

Chapter 10: Conclusion

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January 2024



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The Author

Eliseo Curcio

Eliseo Curcio is a renowned Chemical Engineer with over a decade of experience in leading global projects focused on sustainable energy solutions. His expertise encompasses the development and optimization of fuels, biofuels, and renewable energy sources, with a focus on sustainability and decarbonization. Eliseo is skilled in handling complex projects involving gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, ammonia, electric vehicles, and carbon capture and storage technologies .

He has played a key role in the procurement of biofuel components, blending, and managing multi-million dollar proposals for project finance and R&D. Eliseo is also a leader in technology assessment, possessing a deep understanding of financial modeling and policy frameworks such as LCFS, RFS, RVO, ISO, ASTM, and IRA. His leadership is defined by flexibility, reliability, loyalty, and a commitment to advancing the global transition to low-carbon energy .

Currently, Eliseo is an influential figure in the sustainable energy sector, recognized for his rigorous approach to technology assessment and dedication to sustainability.







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