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Urban Sustainability: Strategies for a Greener Future

Learn from one of the most populated cities in the World: NYC

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The Future of Urban Sustainability

Urban Sustainability: Strategies for a Greener Future

"Urban Sustainability: Strategies for a Greener Future" by Eliseo Curcio serves as a comprehensive guide for professionals, scientists, and urban planners seeking to understand and implement sustainable practices within city environments. This insightful book explores a broad spectrum of topics pivotal to developing greener urban spaces, from sustainable transportation systems, such as the expansion of public transportation and the integration of cycling and walking paths, to innovative green building designs and energy-efficient infrastructures.

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A little bit about the book

"Urban Sustainability: Strategies for a Greener Future" by Eliseo Curcio offers a detailed guide on sustainable urban development. Covering sustainable transportation, green building, and efficient waste management, it includes global case studies and emphasizes the importance of community engagement and social equity in urban planning. Essential for those dedicated to advancing urban sustainability.

Sustainable Transportation
Green Buildings
Waste Management
Real case studies for NYC
Water Management
Energy Efficiency

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Table of Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to Urban Sustainability

Chapter 2: Sustainable Transportation in Urban Areas

Chapter 3: Green Building and Architecture in Urban Settings

Chapter 4: Waste Management and Recycling in Urban Environments

Chapter 5: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources in Cities

Chapter 6: Sustainable Water Management in Urban Areas

Chapter 7: Community Engagement and Social Sustainability in Urban Development

Chapter 8: How to Create a More Sustainable City

Chapter 9: Urbanize and Re-Modernize Old Areas

Chapter 10: Conclusion and Future Directions and Real NYC Sustainable Case Studies

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January 2024



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The Author

Eliseo Curcio

Eliseo Curcio is a renowned Chemical Engineer with over a decade of experience in leading global projects focused on sustainable energy solutions. His expertise encompasses the development and optimization of fuels, biofuels, and renewable energy sources, with a focus on sustainability and decarbonization. Eliseo is skilled in handling complex projects involving gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, ammonia, electric vehicles, and carbon capture and storage technologies .

He has played a key role in the procurement of biofuel components, blending, and managing multi-million dollar proposals for project finance and R&D. Eliseo is also a leader in technology assessment, possessing a deep understanding of financial modeling and policy frameworks such as LCFS, RFS, RVO, ISO, ASTM, and IRA. His leadership is defined by flexibility, reliability, loyalty, and a commitment to advancing the global transition to low-carbon energy .

Currently, Eliseo is an influential figure in the sustainable energy sector, recognized for his rigorous approach to technology assessment and dedication to sustainability.







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